Tuesday, February 15, 2011

World Cup 2011 - The Awful Television Ads

We Indians are a flamboyant bunch, it often shows with our exuberance, over-indulgence and color. Bollywood cinema is a prime example of this, unapologetically mindless, but great fun. It does not stop there, the passion is in full flow in our advertising, some of the best commercials I have seen come from India. Some of the most abysmal too.  I thought it would be amusing to look up some of the ads for the world cup. Presented from best to worst:

Pakistani Cricket Team in Airport - Pepsi
Sanity Score - 8/10
This is quite a good one. Nice and simple without laying on the cheese.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sanity Score - 7/10
Cute. Taking hero worship a little far though.

Harbhajan Singh - Pepsi
Sanity Score - 6/10
Amusing idea, taking particular cricketing skills, in this case the doosra (aka googly, wrong'un) and giving it a bit of a twist (no pun intended). Silly but I like it.

Keven Pietersen - Pepsi
Sanity Score - 4/10
The concept is not just exclusive to the Indian players either, Pietersen showing off his 'switch hit'. Notice how both the previous and this ad featured confused New Zealanders? I'm not a fan of overseas players and dodgy hindi though.

Billy Bowden - Pepsi
Sanity Score - 2/10
Ok, this is getting stupid now.

Dhoni and Friends - Pepsi
Sanity Score - 0/10
Oh. Dear. GOD.

If thats the first time you saw that, I apologize for ruining your life.

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