Friday, January 28, 2011

The First Innings

I used to mock the idea of blogs, and now here I am creating one.

Perhaps through needing a space to vent, or needing an audience, or maybe just for kicks, I was compelled to get something out there. It wasn’t all roses mind you, the blog names I wanted were already taken up with dead pages that haven’t been updated since 2004 (I won’t name you, but I don’t like you).  

And so, ‘The Cricket Musings’ is born. I don’t promise you will agree with my opinions, so I am always open for healthy debate. I will strive to keep the content coming, keep it fresh and keep you interested. For now I’m sticking to basics, but in the long run I want to customize this more and maybe even host it myself.

My debut post will be up shortly, do have a look. Blogs are only as good as its publicity, so please do leave comments and watch this space. 

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