Thursday, March 3, 2011

World Cup 2011 - England vs Ireland Verdict

I said there was an upset on the cards, but I didn't expect it to be this spectacular. A glorious result, great for the associate nations and for the world cup. England were probably feeling slightly cocky after pulling off the tie against India recently, not anymore. Where and how did England lose this match?

This Is India
There is no other place in the world that Ireland will chase down 328. Suddenly India's batting powers are put into perspective and the status of international bowling in general needs a bit of a look. One thing is perfectly clear, bashing 300+ is no longer enough for anybody.

Pietersen's Madness
We know he is capable of brain explosions, but this one is a true classic. He has had no centuries since 2008, and its no wonder.

Stirling to Pietersen, OUT, would you believe it? I guess you would have to. Ridiculous end to promising innings. Having faced two deliveries from Stirling, and played neither well, Pietersen aims a cute, reverse-dab. Manages a top edge that loops up for O'Brien to gobble behind the stumps
KP Pietersen c †NJ O'Brien b Stirling 59 (77m 50b 7x4 2x6) SR: 118.00

Cut the cutesies and get some runs please. © Getty Images

Death Batting, Or Lack Of
Buzzing along at 274/2 after 42 overs, England's 'late charge' produced 53 runs for six wickets, in 8 overs. In a world where 327 is the new 227, this was vital. These death over batting power-plays are proving to be a burden for batting teams, often collapsing in a mad rush rather than taking advantage. It really goes to show that stupid gimmicks don't replace skill.

The Luck Of The Irish
Or the butter fingers of the English. Joyce dropped on 21, Niall O'Brien on 11, Wilson on 0, Kevin O'Brien on 93 and Cusack on 32. The total cost, 67 runs and the game. Catches win matches folks, plain and simple.

And Of Course...
The toast of the town. Kevin O'Brien © Getty Images

The fastest ever world cup century.
What an achievement, and what a statement to the ICC. This world cup is alive folks.

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