Tuesday, March 8, 2011

World Cup 2011 - On Pebbles, Chickens And More

This past week has been a real oddball one. Chokes aside, here are some memos to certain individuals.

To Mr. Haroon Lorgat
Ah Haroon Lorgat, you must be living on a cloud. After the West Indies and Bangladesh team buses got stoned, you quoted "security was not an issue" and "It was a few individuals who threw pebbles at the bus, and they were pebbles". 

I'd hate to see what your idea of boulders are. © Cricinfo.com

A good leader would calm the situation down with the usual clich├ęd, "we recognize the problem" and "we will take the appropriate measures". To be in complete denial is ludicrous. I am in agreement with the rightfully annoyed WI coach Otis Gibson, as our ICC chief executive, you are a bit of a goose.

To Mr. Harbhajan Singh
What are you doing in this team when Yuvraj Singh and Yusuf Pathan can get more purchase off the pitch than you can? Where is Murali Karthik, a real spinner who had the Aussies clueless a few years back?

To Mr. Trent Johnson
You are an inspiration. What you  may lack in raw talent you make up for with presence and sheer guts. It was you who took a glorious catch and biffed the winning six in 2007. It was you who got rid of Sehwag this time. Keep the Irish spirit pumping and do your thing.

Even if it is The Chicken. © Getty Images

To Mr. Michael Yardy
Take a lesson from Angelo Matthews or Steve Smith about what it means to be a true utility cricketer, or maybe watch some old Chris Harris footage. Just to give you a quick heads up, it involves being able to tie down a batsman when bowling, maybe consider actually turning the ball. It means being able to play a rearguard innings or contribute a few slogs depending on the situation. At the very least, it's being dynamite in the field and having an energetic presence. Right now you are a ghost.

To The Rain Gods
Why oh why did you pull a premature end to the Sri Lanka vs Australia game? There are only 12 'top team' games in the 42 pool matches, at least let us savor those. Wash out Kenya vs Canada instead.

To Batting Powerplays
You are causing more batting harm than good. Go away.


  1. Match between England and south africa was most sensational match of cricket history. What a wonderful match.

  2. afrida sub ko btaoo ka pakistan say jetna na mumkin ha