Monday, March 7, 2011

World Cup 2011 - England vs South Africa (And The C Word)

This changes everything. Instead of coasting at the top of the table, South Africa have slumped to fourth. Instead of flirting with elimination, England sit comfortably at second place. Lets review the match as it happened, rather than as the end product.

England 15/3 (5 overs)
The match is over already. The trio of Strauss, Pietersen and Bell playing inexplicably lazy shots to send England in a very quick spiral to nowhere. The first-over-spinner trick working wonders again.
Advantage - South Africa

Learn from Chris Gayle. © AFP

England 112/3 (29 overs)
Bopara and Trott doing the dirty work and getting England to a position where they can launch. Best part of twenty overs left, and an opportunity to reach a respectable 240. Good recovery and good sensible batting.
Advantage - None

England 171/10 (45.4 overs)
So much for that. South Africa to get home in a canter, England proving they are pretenders.
Advantage - South Africa

South Africa 57/0 (13 overs)
Why the hell is Michael Yardy opening the bowling? He strikes me as a nothing cricketer. If you are going to have a bits and pieces player, at least get one that contributes bits and pieces. Smith looking a bit dodgy but Amla cruising along. Game over. Time to flick over to the India vs Ireland game.
Advantage - South Africa

South Africa 84/3 (20 overs)
Smith gone, well he was looking a bit iffy anyway. Amla gone, he'll be annoyed his average may dip below 60. Kallis gone, hmm...
Advantage - None

South Africa 127/7 (37 overs)
Is the bowling this good? Or is the batting this dumb? Bit of both. South Africa appear to be stuck in a complete limbo,  inexplicable given the size of this chase. Do I dare use the C word now? No! This is the new South Africa.
Advantage - England

South Africa 159/7 (46 overs)
There, told you. Finally some sensible batting and they are only 13 runs short now and looking at ease. England giving them free runs by bowling Pietersen. Forget the C word, South Africa are continuing to be the trend setters, and this scare will do them good. Bring on India.
Advantage - South Africa

South Africa 165/10 (47.4 overs)

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