Monday, March 21, 2011

World Cup 2011 - On Losers, Walkers and Pussycats

A few days ago I previewed the series of big matches that would conclude the pool play and decide the final eight. All of them to some degree ended up one sided, however they certainly were not dull, not at all. This still remains one of the most open world cup tournaments in its history. Lets look at a few highlights:

The Mongrel Returns
When under extreme pressure, the true character of a man comes out. This was evident when the Australians finally lost a world cup game after 1999 (!), obviously a very frustrating ordeal for them. Brett Lee may croon love duets with Asha Bhosle, but on the field came the true form. A leaping, screaming,  heel-tapping, red-faced menace, giving Mohammad Hafeez the finger and a dirty verbal send off (yes it did happen, watch the replays carefully). Haddin unsurprisingly got into a scuffle, Ponting was annoyed, dismissed tamely again, and the whole team just look so desperate.

Don't believe the lies.

But the most hilarious moment came from that man Ian Chappell again, this time from the com box. He had the sheer nerve to suggest that Afridi's Charlie's Angels pose is bad for the team morale and that Afridi has no right to celebrate like that because the batsman contributed to his own dismissal. Uh... come again? An Australian berating over exuberant celebrations? Thats like the lion telling the tiger that he hates cats.

He wasn't finished there either, he bemoaned that Pakistan were not attacking enough, when Australia were tumbling faster than a wall street crash, and even more unbelievably suggested that the Pakistani team huddle was 'ridiculous' and they had to 'get off the field' and worry about getting the runs. What a loser. Send him home, or to Ian Botham, and rid us of his nonsense.

A Beacon Of Light
Sachin Tendulkar may not be god, but he is the epitome of what it means to be a sportsman and a gentleman. How refreshing it was to see the man tucking his bat under the wing and calmly making his way off the ground after edging one to the keeper, despite the umpire wrongly saying not out. In a situation where the DRS system is always questioned and we have idiots unable to use the system, he has shown us all how it is done. This is a small tribute to the little man, he never argues, never throws baby tantrums, and is always free of controversy. Too bad then that, much like with Gandhi, the masses worship the man but seem to forget his ideals.

The light in the darkness of stupidity. ©AFP

Tigers Or Pussycats?
I'm sorry Bangladesh, but you have let everyone down. Playing at home and developing a reputation as the team on the rise, you had no injury worries barring Mortaza, was fresh off giving New Zealand a pasting, and looked ready to show the world that the old school team was no more, much like the Lankans of 96. I forgave the Sehwag assault, and that horrid display against the West Indies (mistakes happen right?), and was anticipating at least a strong showing against South Africa to prove to everybody that the Tigers a ready to roar.

Instead we got a tame, whimpering meow.

A false alarm that had us all fooled.©Associated Press

Lick your wounds, learn the lessons, and come back a stronger team.


  1. The predictions then for the next round.

    West Indies
    New Zealand

    And its not rigged the Quagmire has spoken

  2. To the Quagmires and Chris Gayle fans. . .

    Bye Bye West Indies and Australia :)

    I pick South Africa and Sri Lanka for the rounds to come and Pakistan vs Sri Lanka final should be good!