Monday, February 21, 2011

World Cup 2011 - India vs Bangladesh Verdict

And so Sehwag proves me wrong on two accounts in a frantic opening match. 
  1. He actually did manage to bat through most of the innings.
  2. He did mean business when he said this was the 'revenge match'.
I've eaten my words.

Bangladesh missed Mortaza, their only real fast bowling weapon. The rest are a worry. In terms of spinners, Sehwag can make even Murali look silly, so they need not take the onslaught to heart. It was one of those batting efforts so typical of what India are capable of at home. All the sides had better beware because if the Indian batting clicks, they could take the world cup at a canter. 


1. Bangladesh Got To 283
And that too with relative ease. Tamim and Shakib in particular looked pretty comfortable with this Indian bowling attack. They are steady and economical at best, with Sreesanth spraying it around like Navjot Sidhu commentary. When the Indian batting does eventually fail, which it will at least once, the lack of wicket taking ability could be their undoing.

2. The Fielding Is Poor
Watching them in the outfield, they still strike me as a lazy and unfit bunch. I saw plenty of mis-fields and poor efforts, as if they were in cruise mode when Bangladesh were chasing. That is a terrible attitude, and India need to take a leaf out of the Australian book here. If on top, stay on top. In contrast Bangladesh at least were fielding with skill and energy.

The Bottom Line
India have sprinted off the mark in great style and have set the batting benchmark very high. Bangladesh have shown a big hole in their game with their pace attack, but not every team has a Sehwag to dismantle spin like its a joke. I still think they can take something away from the opener.

Final Digression...
Brendon McCullum, why the frantic, trigger-happy bat swinging, as if confused between the India and Kenya run chase.

I'll bet the Australians are scared stiff now. © Getty Images

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